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Semantic Studios is an information architecture and user experience consulting firm led by Peter Morville. We help our clients around the world to create better web sites, intranets, and interactive products and services.

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Peter Morville’s column about information architecture, findability, search, and more.

Nature (08/15/14)

backpacking, black swans, complex systems, intertwingled

Inspiration Architecture: The Future of Libraries (01/16/13)

future, libraries, literacy, truffula trees, trust

Architects of Learning (12/18/12)

disruption, learning, literacy, mooc, moodle, teachers

Information Architect (08/08/11)

bridges, cross-channel, maps, strategy, structure

Ubiquitous Service Design (04/19/10)

futurity, maps, mediumism, spime, touchpoints, xanadu

User Experience Deliverables (01/27/09)

comics, maps, prototypes, proverbs, stories, treasure

User Experience Strategy (07/23/07)

appropriation, framing, futurity, innovation, strategy

(Not) Everything is Miscellaneous (05/02/07)

authority, folksonomy, librarians, taxonomy

Information Architecture 3.0 (11/29/06)

community, discipline, future, role, web 3.0

Authority (10/11/05)

folksonomy, social facts, tag clouds, wikipedia

Information Architecture Research (09/07/04)

breadth, depth, foraging, genre, landmarks, seeking

User Experience Design (06/21/04)

accessible, credible, desirable, findable, usable, useful

International Information Architecture (07/14/03)

eggshells, globalisation, i18n, l10n, tadpoles

Trust by Design (04/17/03)

credibility, italia, travel, trust, wiki

The Definition of Information Architecture (11/14/02)

aifia, asilomar, big world, megaphone, metafilter

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