Our Approach

Expertise. You'll work directly with Peter Morville, an internationally recognized leader in information architecture and user experience.

Experience. We bring unparalleled experience and credibility to the structural design of web sites, software, and interactive services.

Philosophy. Designing successful products and services requires a deep understanding of user psychology, goals, and behavior.

Our Services

Information Architecture
We specialize in the structural design of complex systems and services. Whether you're wrangling a massive web site or integrating touchpoints for mobile and multi-channel, we'll work with you to define strategy and structure in sufficient detail for design and implementation.

In short, what architects do for buildings, we do for understanding. We help people to find what they need and understand what they've found. Our process is flexible and responsive. And, we're comfortable working with organizations of all shapes and sizes. So give us a call, today.

We offer expert reviews that provide a fresh perspective on existing products and allow refinement of evolving plans and prototypes.

In addition to public talks, we deliver on-site seminars and workshops on information architecture, user experience, web strategy, and search.

We provide professional coaching and mentoring services on a limited basis for information architects and user experience managers.

Special Projects

Over the years, we have collaborated with clients on a wide variety of creative assignments, unusual challenges, and special projects.

To discuss your needs, please contact us by phone or email.
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