Peter Morville’s column about information architecture, findability, search, and more.

Nature (08/15/14)

backpacking, black swans, complex systems, intertwingled

Inspiration Architecture: The Future of Libraries (01/16/13)

future, libraries, literacy, truffula trees, trust

Architects of Learning (12/18/12)

disruption, learning, literacy, mooc, moodle, teachers

Information Architect (08/08/11)

bridges, cross-channel, maps, strategy, structure

Ubiquitous Service Design (04/19/10)

futurity, maps, mediumism, spime, touchpoints, xanadu

User Experience Deliverables (01/27/09)

comics, maps, prototypes, proverbs, stories, treasure

User Experience Strategy (07/23/07)

appropriation, framing, futurity, innovation, strategy

(Not) Everything is Miscellaneous (05/02/07)

authority, folksonomy, librarians, taxonomy

Information Architecture 3.0 (11/29/06)

community, discipline, future, role, web 3.0

Authority (10/11/05)

folksonomy, social facts, tag clouds, wikipedia

Information Architecture Research (09/07/04)

breadth, depth, foraging, genre, landmarks, seeking

User Experience Design (06/21/04)

accessible, credible, desirable, findable, usable, useful

International Information Architecture (07/14/03)

eggshells, globalisation, i18n, l10n, tadpoles

Trust by Design (04/17/03)

credibility, italia, travel, trust, wiki

The Definition of Information Architecture (11/14/02)

aifia, asilomar, big world, megaphone, metafilter

Enemies of Usability (10/14/02)

business, glue, sneakiness, usability, wireframes

Ambient Findability (08/28/02)

nanotechnology, orbs, sensors, smart dust

The Age of Findability (04/29/02)

airports, boxes, findable objects, usability, wayfinding

Social Network Analysis (02/21/02)

connectors, mavens, socially translucent systems, structural holes

Innovation Architecture (01/22/02)

citation analysis, collaborative filtering, complex adaptive systems

In Defense of Search (12/07/01)

best bets, parametric searching, results in context

The Speed of Information Architecture (11/14/01)

destructive creation, faceted classification, layers, time, wine

Pandora's Portal (11/01/01)

findability, gadgets, portals, shape of search